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Ketchikan’s local provider of Verizon Wireless Services

Want Verizon, but still owe money on your phone?

Verizon will pay up to $650 on your old phone or contract to switch!
Call us at 907.225.1000 to find out more!

New smartphone device payment and port-in of number required. Mail-In trade in is required. Phone must be in good working order and worth more than $0. Line must remain active for at least 6 months. Trade-in value up to $350 per device, with the balance between trade-in and dollars owed paid via a Visa Prepaid card.

Phones & Devices

KPU offers the newest in wireless phone technology: Advanced Calling phones on 4GLTE. Calls are crisp, clear Hi-Def voice. All calls can be made over WiFi.


Simple Pricing

Take the guesswork out of your calling plan. Unlimited talk and text is just $20/month per device. Tablets or Mobile Hotspots/WiFi are $10/month for line access. Choose your shared Data and you’re all set!


The Network

With KPU wireless services, you’re on the Verizon 4G LTE Network, a network that covers more than 98% of all Americans. That means you’re able to share your moments, stream what matters to you and make connections when you need them most.


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