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Welcome to KPU Wireless

Coverage and availability

We anticipate launching our new wireless service in Fall/Winter of 2015. As a valued customer, you will be notified as far in advance as possible so you can take advantage of discounts when bundling with other KPU services.

KPU’s wireless service will be far superior to other carriers in Ketchikan.

Calling plans

Our plans will offer several options, including unlimited talk + text. This plan is available to subscribers with smart phones only. A: Our plans will all be unlimited nationwide calling and texting:

• Customers will be able to choose their own data plan or can set up a share plan with family members.
• Talk + text + data packages can be obtained in 300Mb, 3G, 5G, 10G, 15G, 20G and 30G

KPU’s service will be over new technology: VoLTE (Voice over LTE). Therefore, you will need to have a VoLTE capable phone, which KPU will be selling (and which Verizon currently carries.) There are currently a limited number of brands and devices that are VoLTE capable, but in the future there will be many more.

KPU will have phones and data devices with the plan to add tablets as they become available.
You can add a mobile hotspot to your plan for just $9.99/month. Megabytes of data used through the hot spot from any location will be applied to your account.

Your KPU Wireless account

You can sign up for KPU wireless at any time. When you subscribe to our wireless service you will need to create a new ac- count and purchase all new equipment. Visit our office located at 2417 Tongass Ave, Suite 119D Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm and Sat 10 am – 4pm. Our friendly local staff will be on hand to answer questions regarding your account (rates, plans, usage etc.)

Technical support

KPU’s local staff will be available during regular business hours 2417 Tongass Ave, Suite 119D Mon-Fri,
9am – 6pm and Sat 10 am – 4pm to answer basic questions about your service. For in additional technical issues we will provide 24/7 support through our tech line 907-225-2111.