Avoid Scams

Protect Yourself – Avoid Scams

December 2015

Fake IRS scam calls have been received by local residents. The current fraudulent number is 845-789-4421. The fraudulent party calls and will even leave a message on a home phone stating that they have reviewed the 2008 – 2012 taxes and the person owes money.
When the person calls back, the fake IRS representative claims that this is the person’s “last chance “ to pay up.
The fake IRS claims that the issue has “already gone to legal”
They demand the following:

  • The person cannot change their phone number.
  • The person can not disclose this information to anyone.
  • The person must pay into a specific bank account to pay the “past due taxes.”
  • If the person refuses, they threaten to have the person “hauled off to jail.”

Avoid fraud and do not respond to this scam call.
July 2015

Did you have this survey pop up on your tablet or computer? This is not from KPU and is fake survey intended to get credit card information from you. It should be considered dangerous. Do not click on the link; please ignore and delete.