TV Everywhere Platform: Get Digital TV Anywhere You Go


KPU’s watchTVeverywhere platform (WTVE) gives you access to TV programs on devices other than your TV set. Take digital TV anywhere and view on a PC or Mac, or—with the watchTVeverywhere app; tablet or smartphone. WTVE gives you digital TV anywhere you can receive an adequate Internet signal.

Step 1

Quick & Easy Registration

To get started, have your 5-digit cable TV account number and the last name of the primary subscriber available.

Locate your 5-digit account number

Step 2

Login to the watchTVeverywhere platfrom

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the watchTVeverywhere platform?

KPU’s Watch TV Everywhere (WTVE) lets you watch television programming on devices in addition to your TV set, including live broadcasts and full episodes of current shows. With WTVE you can take your TV with you and view on these devices: your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. WTVE works

anywhere you can receive an adequate Internet signal; inside your home, at the office, shopping mall, hotel, airport or even your own backyard.

How is WTVE different from Hulu, Netflix, or other streaming services?

WTVE includes live TV and full episodes of current shows. Plus it’s FREE to KPU TV subscribers! In contrast, Hulu and Netflix only offer previously recorded shows and there may be extra charges to access and view those shows.

How much does WTVE cost?

WTVE is FREE for KPU TV subscribers! As long as you can receive the TV Network in your “regular” cable channel lineup you may view that network’s TV Everywhere content, where available. Please note: if you are watching WTVE on your smartphone you may experience overage charges from your cellular carrier (if applicable). 

Where can I use my WTVE?

WTVE works anywhere you can receive an Internet signal: in your house, at work, at the mall, at a hotel, the airport, a vacation home- anywhere! Wired connections and in-home WiFi will provide the best overall quality. The quality of Watch TV Everywhere service while traveling (airports, stores, etc) will vary with the signal strength and bandwidth of the Internet connection you use. In most cases you cannot stream the network programs overseas, because the networks do not have the geographical rights to play those programs in other countries. We recommend extra care when traveling, especially outside the U.S. – data roaming charges may apply, and they can be very expensive.

What devices can I use?

All WTVE programs are available on PCs and laptops. Most networks also have Apps for smartphones and Tablets that allow you to use WTVE. You will have to download the individual App from Apple App Store or an Android app store like Google play or Amazon. Some networks may not have made all their programs available on all devices.

How many different devices can I use at the same time?

There’s no limit to the number of devices you can use, however TV networks may limit the number you can use at the same time. Remember, it’s important to keep your username and password confidential. Use of your credentials by others will result in the loss of your WTVE privileges.

What shows can I watch?

Each TV network makes their own decision about what to offer on Watch TV Everywhere. For example, the live feed of CNN is available, but the live feed of TBS is not. Instead, TBS offers full episodes of their popular programs. 
You can watch any Watch TV Everywhere program as long as it’s on a network you subscribe to in your cable TV package. For example, you must subscribe to FOX through your cable company in order to watch FOX’s Watch TV Everywhere programs.

What networks are available?

We’re working with many different programming providers to expand the number of networks, and the number of shows available on Watch TV Everywhere. Registered users are presented with the complete list of all the networks available to them. When new networks are added, you will see them in your menu of available programs when you log in.
To view the networks on a phone or tablet, you will need to download the network app from the Apple or Android store. Not all networks have created apps, but most have them. Please refer to the chart.

Why aren't all programs available?

A TV network doesn’t necessarily own all the rights to all the programs they transmit. A network may have the right to transmit a movie, but only to TV sets, and not on Watch TV Everywhere. It all depends on the network.

How do I sign up for watchTVeverywhere?

To use Watch TV Everywhere, you must first complete a one-time registration.

To get started, visit

Select your cable service provider from the drop-down menu, and click “submit.”

Make sure you have your last invoice handy – you’ll need your 5 digit CABLE account number (not your phone number and not your overall account number), and the correct spelling of the last name on the account.

Click “Register” to start the registration process.

How do I use watchTVeverywhere?

Visit Click “Log In,” and enter your username and password.

Click on the TV Network you want to watch, and you’ll see a list of available programs.

Does watchTVeverywhere count against my mobile data plan?

It might. Check your data plan before you use WTVE on a smart phone or wireless network. WTVE programs transmit a lot of data. This can be expensive if you have a limited data plan. We have no way to know when you have exceeded your data plan’s limits. You are responsible for all charges billed to you by your mobile carrier.

How to download apps for mobile

To download WTVE apps onto your mobile device:
Apple IOS: Visit the App Store and search for the channel app you wish to view.
Android: Visit the Play Store and search for the channel app you wish to view.

What sports can I view on WTVE?

WatchESPN allows you to watch both live games,  shows and events on all of the ESPN channels including ESPN, ESPN College, SEC and Longhorn. ESPN3 exclusive content is also available if you subscribe to KPU’s sports package. To watch ESPN via WTVE, you must subscribe to a channel package that includes ESPN.

FOX Sports delivers live games, shows, and event programming from FOX Sports, FOX Sports 1, FOX Sports2, your regional FOX Sports Network, FOX College Sports, and FOX Deportes.*

Programming includes live coverage of great sports:

  • NFL (web and tablet only)** League does not allow these to be played on a phone.
  • MLB ON FOX***
  • NBA
  • UFC
  • College Football
  • College Basketball
  • UEFA Champions League Soccer
  • Big East Digital Network

And great shows like FOX Sports Live, The Ultimate Fighter, NASCAR Race Hub and America’s Pregame.

*You need to receive these channels in your TV channel line-up in order to watch them in FOX Sports GO. Some channels may not yet be available for every TV provider or on every platform.
**Due to league restrictions, NFL games are not available in FOX Sports GO on phones.
***MLB games on FOX Sports and FOX Sports 1 are available, but MLB programming on FOX Sports Regional networks is not available.

I don’t see a program in FOX Sports GO that’s airing on one of the FOX Sports channels I receive on myTV. Why?

Most content shown on FOX Sports channels is available in FOX Sports GO. Some content may be unavailable due to licensing restrictions. We’re working with our league partners to provide all the content we can to you—anywhere and at any time

Can I watch NFL on FOX games?

NFL games broadcast on FOX Sports are available in FOX Sports GO on desktop web and tablets. Due to league restrictions, NFL games are not available in FOX Sports GO on phones.* *You need to receive these channels in your TV channel line-up in order to watch them in FOX Sports GO. Note that some channels may not yet be available for every TV provider or on every platform.

Can I watch MLB on FOX games?

MLB games broadcast on FOX Sports and FOX Sports 1 are available in FOX Sports GO.

* MLB programming on FOX Sports Regional networks is not available.

*You need to receive these channels in your TV channel line-up in order to watch them in FOX Sports GO. Note that some channels may not yet be available for every TV provider or on every platform.

Can I watch NBA games on my FOX Sports regional network?

NBA games broadcast on selected FOX Sports regional networks are available in FOX Sports GO.*

*You need to receive these channels in your TV channel line-up in order to watch them in FOX Sports GO. Note that some channels may not yet be available for every TV provider or on every platform.

WTVE Networks Available

Since Watch TV Everywhere requires Flash Player, which is not supported on mobile phones or tablets, networks have developed apps to use with WTVE. They can be downloaded from the Apple and Android stores. See below for availablity.
NetworkView on PC?View on laptop?View on mobile phone?View on tablet?
A&EYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ABCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ASYesYesRequires AppRequires App
AMCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
AHCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Animal PlanetYesYesRequires AppRequires App
BBC AmericaYesYesRequires AppRequires App
BravoYesYesRequires AppRequires App
C-SpanYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Cartoon NetworkYesYesRequires AppRequires App
CMTYesYesRequires AppRequires App
CNBCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
CNNYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Comedy CentralYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Cooking ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Destination AmericaYesYesRequires AppRequires App
DiscoveryYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Discovery FamilyYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Discovery LifeYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Disney ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Disney JuniorYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Disney XDYesYesRequires AppRequires App
DIY NetworkYesYesRequires AppRequires App
E!YesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPNYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN2YesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN3YesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN ClassicYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN DeportesYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN Goal LineYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN NewsYesYesRequires AppRequires App
ESPN UYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Food NetworkYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Fox BusinessYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Fox NewsYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Fox Sports 1YesYesRequires AppRequires App
Fox Sports 2YesYesRequires AppRequires App
Fox College SportsYesYesRequires AppRequires App
FreeformYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Fuse TVYesYesRequires AppRequires App
FXYesYesRequires AppRequires App
FXXYesYesRequires AppRequires App
FYIYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Game Show NetworkYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Golf ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Hallmark ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Headline NewsYesYesRequires AppRequires App
HGTVYesYesRequires AppRequires App
History ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Independent Film ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Investigation DiscoveryYesYesRequires AppRequires App
LifetimeYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Lifetime MoviesYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Long Horn NetworkYes -via watchESPNYes -via watchESPNYes -via watchESPNYes -via watchESPN
MSNBCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
MTVYesYesRequires AppRequires App
National GeographicYesYesRequires AppRequires App
NBCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
NBC NewsYesYesRequires AppRequires App
NBC Olympics 2018YesYesRequires AppRequires App
NBC Sports NetworkYesYesRequires AppRequires App
NFLYesYesRequires AppRequires App
NickelodeonYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Nick Jr.YesYesRequires AppRequires App
OwnYesYesRequires AppRequires App
OxygenYesYesRequires AppRequires App
PAC 12YesYesRequires AppRequires App
Paramount NetworkYesYesRequires AppRequires App
QVCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Root SportsYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Science ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
SECYes -via watchESPNYes -via watchESPNYes -via watchESPNYes -via watchESPN
ShowtimeYesYesRequires AppRequires App
STARZYesYesRequires AppRequires App
STARZEncoreYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Stingray MusicYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Sundance TVYesYesRequires AppRequires App
SyFyYesYesRequires AppRequires App
TBSYesYesRequires AppRequires App
TCMYesYesRequires AppRequires App
TLCYesYesRequires AppRequires App
TNTYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Travel ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
TruTVYesYesRequires AppRequires App
TV LandYesYesRequires AppRequires App
USAYesYesRequires AppRequires App
VelocityYesYesRequires AppRequires App
VH 1YesYesRequires AppRequires App
VicelandYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Women's ChannelYesYesRequires AppRequires App
Weather TVYesYesRequires AppRequires App
WGN AmericaYesYesRequires AppRequires App