Wireless Phones & Devices

KPU and Verizon in Alaska support only Advanced Calling Phones.

Advanced Calling Phones are smartphones that are capable of Hi Def Voice and other special features that work on the 4GLTE network in Alaska and the lower 48, Mexico and Canada. These phones also will work for voice and texting on CDMA based 3G and 1X networks across the state of Alaska, the United States, Mexico and Canada.  Most of them support calling over WIFI.

Advanced Calling phones includes all newer Verizon phones from Apple, Samsung, LG, Kyocera, Google and Motorola.
To ensure optimum performance, the phones need to have the Settings toggle on for the following features:

  • Cellular Data ON
  • LTE ON (Voice and Data)
  • Roaming Voice and Data ON
  • Global Roaming ON for Android
  • International CDMA ON for Apple
  • On Android phones, Advanced Calling needs to be turned on.