Wireless Service – Prices & Plans

Unlimited Plans

Find the right calling plan for you. NEW! aboveunlimited is perfect for those who:

  • Stream HD video and music, and play online games
  • Use Mobile Hotspot on a regular basis, have a Jetpack®, netbook or notebook
  • Visit or call Canada and/or Mexico often, are frequent overseas travelers



per line/4 lines

# of Lines Price
4+ lines $60/line
3 lines $65/line
2 lines $85/line
1 line $95/line
  • Premium unlimited 4G LTE data (75 GB)
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • Mexico & Canada included
  • 5 TravelPass® days per month to use in more than 185 countries
  • Unlimited international messaging from the US
  • HD-quality streaming (720p)
  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot with 20GB/line at full 4G LTE speeds
  • 500 GB Verizon Cloud storage
  • Verizon Up rewards



per line/4 lines

# of Lines Price
4+ lines $50/line
3 lines $60/line
2 lines $80/line
1 line $85/line

  • Premium unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • HD-quality streaming
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot with 15GB/line at full 4G LTE (then speeds up to 600Kbps)
  • Mexico & Canada included
  • Verizon Up rewards



per line/4 lines

# of Lines Price
4+ lines $40/line
3 lines $50/line
2 lines $65/line
1 line $75/line
  • Unlimited 4G LTE data
  • Unlimited Talk & Text
  • DVD-quality streaming
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot up to 600Kbps
  • Verizon Up rewards

Per month, per line purchased on device payment. Plus taxes & fees. When you enroll in Auto Pay and paper-free billing.

  • Additional $20/line for phones still on contract. (New 1-year and 2-year contract phone purchases are not eligible.)
  • Home Services include Wireless Home Phone, LTE Internet (installed)and 4G LTE Broadband Router. Note: LTE Internet (installed) requires a minimum data package of 8 GB.
  • 4G LTE Broadband Router with data-only plan is $20 monthly line access.
  • Jetpacks cannot be added to Go Unlimited plans.
  • Connected devices do not count toward 10-device limit.
  • Data based on account plan.
  • Includes $5 Hum service fee.
  • Before taxes, fees and surcharges.
  • Prices subject to change. Calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Down payment, device trade-in value and device promos subject to out verification.

Single Smart Phone 5GB Data Plan Line Plan

Add up to two tablets or MiFi devices for $20 each – $55/per month*

  • $20 Line access fee for phone – phone included in above price
  • Unlimited Text and Talk in the US and Canada – included
  • Hot Spot on phone up to 10 Gigs – included
  • *With Auto Pay and Paper-Free billing; ($85 without Auto Pay and Paper-Free billing)
  • Price includes $20 line access on device payment
  • Additional $20 line access applies for customers with a contract until it expires
  • 22Gigs data per month at full LTE, after 22 Gigs, then may drop back to 3G speed
  • Credit card payments are not eligible for Auto Pay discount; Debit cards and e-Checks (ACH payments) accepted

The Verizon Plan

Introducing the Verizon Plan. Now you can choose from five simple plans, all with unlimited talk and text. Pick how much data you need and share it with others on your account. Choose your shared data package and determine your line access charges. And you can switch to a new data package at any time. It’s our best and easiest plan ever. Sign up for The Verizon Plan at KPU.

It’s simple!

  • Phone access including unlimited talk and text are just $20/month per device.
  • Tablets or Mobile Hotspots/WiFi are just $10/month per device for line access.
  • If you exceed your plan’s data it’s just $15/month for each additional GB.
  • You can switch your data plan any time.

Choose your shared data:

  • All plans include rollover data (any unused data from one month rolls over to the next month).

2GB Small. $35 a month or $17.50 per GB.

Good for one device mostly on WiFi

4 GB medium. $50 per month or $12.50 per GB.

The most popular plan for a single device.

8 GB Large. $70 per month or $8.75 per GB.

For couples or someone who actively uses 2-3 devices.

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