WebEx Softphone & Cloud Collaboration

Boost communication and streamline your business with powerful phone, messaging, and video conferencing tools from KPU.

Answer work calls from anywhere with an internet connection, send messages, video conference, and more with KPU’s WebEx for Broadworks.

This package uses the WebEx app as a softphone-only client with calling capability, but no messaging capabilities.

Users with this package type can join Webex meetings, but cannot start meetings on their own. When other users (softphone or non-softphone) search the directory for a softphone user, the search results provide no option to send a message. Softphone users can share their screen while in a call.

Basic package includes Calling and Messaging features as well as 25-person “space” meetings. It does NOT include Personal Meeting Rooms (PMR).

The Space Meeting feature enables users to initiate a “Meet” session with participants in a “space.” There’s no dial-in information for this meeting, and all users must be Webex users in the same space.

This package includes everything in the Basic package plus up to 100 participant “space” meetings and Personal Meeting Room (PMR) meetings.

Screen sharing within a PMR meeting is a role initially held only by the host of the meeting, but the host may pass the presenter role to any participant they choose. Only the host may take over the presenter role without the current host passing it to them.

This package includes everything in the Standard package plus up to 300 participants in a Space meeting and up to 1000 participants in a Personal Meeting Room (PMR).

Screen sharing within a PMR meeting is supported for any meeting attendee.