Business phone services

Keep your team and your customers connected with custom, easy-to-use phone packages from KPU.

From a simple business line to a complex phone system with hundreds of users, KPU’s business team will customize a system that will work best for you. Integrating Toll Free numbers, providing affordable long distance, and helping you to answer your calls and chat with co-workers from anywhere.

KPU makes complex solutions simple.


KPU’s custom VOIP business phone systems offer a multitude of premium features to streamline communication with customers and employees, such as custom call routing including time of day routing, advanced voicemail, call forwarding, voicemail-to-email options, and more.

Your system will be customized to meet the unique needs of your business, and professionally installed and maintained by our skilled technicians, for a hassle-free experience. Whether you need a phone system for just a few users, an office of over 100, or multiple offices across town, KPU can make it happen for you at an affordable price.


Trouble-free: The system lives at KPU and is managed 24/7 by our skilled technicians

Economical: No expensive upgrades or charges for additional features, with limited taxes and surcharges

Future-proof: No investment in a big system that will become obsolete

Grows with your business: It’s easy to add users to the system and switch between offices

Portable: Your team can work from home or on the road with the same feature set

Unlimited: Unlike a traditional phone system, there is no limit on the number of lines in use, so your customers will never hear a busy signal


Answer work calls from anywhere with an internet connection, send messages, video conference, and more with KPU’s WebEx for Broadworks.

Long distance

Connect with teammates and customers around the globe with long-distance phone plans from KPU.