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There are many ways to save on your KPU bill when you bundle our TV and Internet offerings.

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Subscribe to 30Mbps or higher and get your first 2 months internet service FREE – plus enter to win a Beats™ Wireless headset ($300 value).

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Try out one of our fastest broadband internet speeds for Free for Two months! Offer applies to both business and residential customers. Not to be combined with other broadband offers.


No Data Overages Ever when you combine your broadband internet service with our low cost TV packages. Choose 10M/10M, 30M/30M, 100M/100M, 250M/250M, or 500M/500M.

Residential customers only. Certain speeds available only on fiber facilities.

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Switch to KPUTV today and save 50% for 2 months – PLUS receive $200! Call Today!

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