Our Community: Life in Ketchikan, Alaska

The Colorful Community of Ketchikan


Deer Harbor on a full-moon night.

See for yourself with Ketchikan webcams: Want to experience the beauty of our area? See scenic views from many places throughout our community on our Ketchikan webcams.

Ketchikan is a unique place where you can live an authentic and balanced life – well connected to a global economy through technology and transportation, yet protected from the ordinary by a mantle of forested wilderness islands and azure seas.

An island community located on the southern tip of Alaska’s panhandle, residents enjoy the combination of an eclectic small Alaskan town lifestyle while experiencing world-class technology and communication services provided by local provider KPU Telecommunications.

Despite its small population of approximately 15,000 borough residents, Ketchikan is a considerable commerce center for SE Alaska, housing the SE regional health center, headquarters for the AK Marine Highway, Vigor Industrial Shipworks, Ketchikan Coast Guard base and a thriving commercial fishing fleet.

Residents are warm, friendly and inviting. Nearly a million tourists visit by cruise ship and jet each year, drawn by the natural beauty of the area and the unique sights: the world’s largest collection of totem poles, Misty Fjords National Monument, historic Creek Street, the Ketchikan Creek salmon run, abundant eagles, whales, and other wildlife.

There’s plenty of things to do in Ketchikan, Alaska! Our community boasts a vibrant local arts community, including nationally recognized painters, sculptors, and woodcarvers as well as thriving theater, dance, and music groups. Musicians are as varied as pipe bands, heavy metal, jazz, folk, and classical. Ketchikan offers a wide cross-section of cultural diversity, surprising for its size.

Local Natives – Tlingit, Tsimshian, and Haida – the original residents are still an important part of the community. There is also a large Norwegian presence and also a very vibrant Filipino community. A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, outdoor life in Ketchikan, Alaska offers world-class fishing and hunting, extensive hiking trails, and miles of beaches awaiting divers and beachcombers.

Come and see all the things to do in Ketchikan, Alaska, enjoy all the area has to offer, plus state-of-the-art high speed internet, cable and digital TV, and voice services from KPU.