Managed network services

Harnessing KPU’s powerful fiber network, our Managed WiFi, Managed LAN and WAN services, and hosted security cameras keep your team connected and your business safe.


Get a strong signal throughout your business and powerful network management tools to boost security, enable guest sharing, and much more—all professionally maintained by KPU.


Installed and maintained by KPU technicians, our indoor/outdoor hosted security cameras are weather-proof and ultra-reliable. View footage in real time from anywhere in the world and keep your business safe.


Ideal for businesses of all sizes, KPU Managed LAN and WAN services keep your team connected. Get secure data delivery with speeds up to 10 Gigs, professionally installed and managed by KPU.

KPU Managed WiFi

KPU’s Managed WiFi offers powerful features to manage your network (including security features), prioritize bandwidth, restrict usage, and sell ticketed internet to customers. Indoor and outdoor options are available, and all systems are Ketchikan weather-proof and professionally maintained by KPU for utmost reliability.


  • Support for up to 10 SSIDs and 1 “Guest” SSID
  • Deploy customer “splash” pages for local paid access or custom sign-on screens
  • Tie into existing IT infrastructure for authentication (Radius)
  • Prioritize critical functions, such as Point of Sale
  • Restrict access to bandwidth hogs like streaming sites
  • Remotely manage your devices from anywhere
  • Top-quality signal and always up-to-date
  • Content filtering and managed hosted firewalls to keep your business safe
  • 24/7 monitoring and visibility via online web portal

Hosted indoor/outdoor security cameras

With Meraki Cloud-Based Management, you can monitor your camera system from anywhere in the world. Meraki Management data is encrypted by default at rest and in motion, delivering an added level of security for your proprietary information. Our self-contained surveillance product monitors and records 24/7, and is Ketchikan weather-proof and professionally maintained by KPU Business Communications.

Choose KPU Security For:

  • Cloud-based management
  • Motion search for easy review of video
  • Automatic firmware updates
  • Customized retention policies
  • Bandwidth-conscious
  • Storage on device plus cloud storage available (no servers required)

Wired/Wireless LAN & WAN

KPU offers Business Class managed LAN and WAN services in both Wired and Wireless formats.

Wired LAN and WAN services allow your business to create a local area network (LAN)—for example, the network within your office building—or a wide area network (WAN), which often connects different locations directly. KPU Managed LAN and WAN services are ideal for businesses of all sizes, and provide wired LAN/WAN connectivity to insure critical data delivery with speeds from 10Mbps to 10Gig. Wired LAN and WAN services are ideal for applications that require dedicated bandwidth, increased uptime, and the highest levels of security.

KPU’s Managed LAN service includes the following components:

• Business Class Switch, managed and maintained by KPU
• Professional Installation of CAT6 or Fiber cable for wired LAN
• 24/7 Monitoring and visibility via our online web portal

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