Local KPU Customer Service: Need Help? Call KPU

KPU Telecommunications and kpunet.net strive to provide our customers the highest quality of technical support for your Internet service. Below, you will find Basic Set Up Information, Where To Get Help Desk Assistance and Help Desk Call Procedures.

Basic Setup Information

Internet SettingAddress / Number
kpunet.net Homepagewww.kpunet.net
Access Number225-2111
Primary DNS206.223.192.10
Secondary DNS206.223.192.11
IP Addressassigned by server
Web Serverwww.kpunet.net
SMTP (outgoing) Serversmtp.kpunet.net
Port Setting for OutgoingPort 465 , SSL = Yes
IMAP (incoming) Servermail.kpunet.net
Port Setting for IncomingPort 993, SSL = Yes
Technical Support Phone Number611 or 225-2111
Kpunet.net System Status Phone Number611 or 225-2111
Help Desk Email Addresstrouble@kpunet.net
Billing/Payment Office228-5474
Telephone Online Payment Questions228-5474


Where to Get Help Desk Assistance 611 Telephone Support kpunet.net offers free Technical Support seven days a week. By simply dialing 611 or 225-2111 and following the voice prompt you are connected with highly trained and qualified technicians to troubleshoot your Internet related issue. Technical Support is available 8:30 am to 7:pm Monday through Friday and 8:30 am to 7:00 pm Saturday. Overflow and After Hours support are available 24/7. Email Support kpunet.net customers can email trouble@kpunet.net with any questions or concerns regarding Internet service. Information Regarding Helpdesk Calls and Procedures The following will give you a better understanding of our troubleshooting process for calls to the Internet Help Desk. Customer trouble calls to the Helpdesk are answered in the order they are received. During times of high call volume, when all support staff are currently helping other customers, you will be given the opportunity to leave a voice mail message. Callbacks are made as quickly as possible when technicians become available. The technician assisting you will need to gather the following information regarding your Internet service:

  • Username & Password
  • Telephone # that your Internet line is connected to.
  • Service Level of Internet service.
  • Daytime Can Be Reached phone number.

Very important: Please provide the correct phone number your Internet line is connected to and your daytime can be reached phone number, i.e. cell or work phone number for the technician to contact you. Our first level technicians will be able to determine whether your problem is due to a settings configuration or set-up error. If the technician verifies that your problem is not related to your settings or set-up and is unable to resolve the problem, the trouble ticket will be forwarded to a top-level technician. All trouble tickets are forwarded from the first level to top-level technicians within 6 hours. Our top-level technicians have the ability to troubleshoot Internet connectivity at the highest level. They are highly experienced, trained and very thorough in troubleshooting. All support calls are handled in the order they are received. As soon as our top-level technicians receive a trouble ticket, they will attempt to contact you (often within the hour). Top-level technicians are only available during normal KPU Telecommunications’ business hours. Please be advised that trouble tickets escalated to top-level technicians may take longer to address if received after normal business hours and on weekends. This is why it is very important to provide us with the correct daytime can be reached number. If a recording is reached when attempting to call you, the technician will leave a message.

Log into your KPUNET email (not your Outlook mail or other mail client)

Once in your email, Click on Preferences

Click on Accounts

Go to Primary Account

Go to “Send Email As” and enter the name that you want to have appear.

You cannot change the actual email address here, only the name that appears when you send the email.

Click here to access the log in portal. You need your email user ID and your password.