Ketchikan Fiber Optic Internet Starts with KPU

KPU Fiber Optics – available island wide!

When it comes to Alaska fiber optic networks, KPU has the most extensive local network in the state and one of the most advanced in the United States. Ketchikan’s fiber optic network—powered by KPU—extends all the way from your home or business to KPU and connects to Seattle via our undersea fiber network.

What does this mean to you?

  • Fast, flawless, high capacity data transfer for TV and internet
  • Virtually no limit to the number of TVs or DVRs record up to FOUR shows at one time, no pixels or freezing!
  • Lightning-Fast Internet with speeds up to 500M/500M, the fastest upload speeds in Ketchikan.
  • Unlimited Internet with residential TV.
  • Future-ready: fiber service upgrades the property value of homes and businesses.
  • Fiber optic cables are waterproof and WILL NOT CORRODE
  • Reliable, no interference from electricity, radio or old wiring
  • Fiber optic cable is more secure than co-axial; no shared bandwidth or data
  • Business WAN connectivity with speeds up to 10 Gig.

KPU brings you Alaska fiber optics at their best. Call us today to learn more!

Map showing KPU's serving area in Ketchikan.