Voice Services

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Essential voice service

In today’s busy world, it’s important to have something you can rely on. KPU’s landline voice service provides you and your family with a reliable way to reach family, friends—and help—when you need to.

  • Safety: In an emergency, your landline phone is always in the same place, so family members can find it.
  • Simple: Unlike mobile phones, your landline does not require a password to make calls.
  • Reliable: When the power goes out, your corded landline phone will not lose service due to lack of electricity.

Your phone works for you

KPU offers a variety of useful calling features that allow you to restrict calls, forward calls to your mobile phone, record messages, and more. KPU calling features

We’ve got wireless voice, too!

KPU offers wireless voice services with the best coverage in Ketchikan. KPU wireless service

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