Meet our team

From our Division Manager to our help desk techs and local engineers, we are all locals in Ketchikan, here to serve you.

Dan LindgrenTelephone & Regulatory Manager907-228-5439
Matt McLarenAssistant Telephone & Regulatory Manager907-228-6002
Vacant Administrative Assistant907-228-5421
Tina Bredehoft Tariff Specialist907-228-5479
Korry Olsen Accounting Tech 907-228-5431
Vacant Access Rate Specialist 907-228-5466
Kim Simpson Sales, Marketing, Video & Business Division Manager 907-228-5458
Kendra Anderson Sales & Marketing Manager 907-228-5486
Hersian Seludo Business Sales Engineer 907-228-5405
John Zacharias KPU Operations & Database Manager 907-228-5416
Jennifer Knighten Billing System Analyst 907-228-5409
Krysta Alderson Credit Coordinator 907-228-5427
Trisha Lane Credit Coordinator 907-228-5482
Luis Ochoa Senior Customer Solutions Specialist – Business 907-228-5419
Yelena Rikova Senior Customer Solutions Specialist – Business 907-228-5470
Becky Weiss-Stulken Customer Solutions Specialist 907-228-5489
Kelli Kuharich Customer Solutions Specialist 907-228-5472
Glenn Cousins Customer Solutions Specialist 907-228-5469
Ravi Jethani Customer Solutions Specialist 907-228-5438
Durina Martinez Customer Solutions Specialist 907-228-5495
Rye Denny Customer Service Representative 907-228-5463
Marsella Sanchez Customer Service Representative 907-225-5463
Mike Pitcher Foreman – Business 907-228-5403
Jay DuddlesCentral Office Network Technician – Business 907-228-5498
Jeremy Minshall Central Office Network Technician – Business 907-228-5402
Paul Owens Central Office Network Technician – Business 907-228-5481
Aleah Slattery Business Technical Support 907-228-9686
Meng Paule Engineering Tech 907-228-5436
Rachel Cadiente Plant Clerk – Line Assignment 907-228-5454
Marian Scoblic Plant Clerk – Line Assignment 907-228-5418
Linda Lichty Purchasing/Warehouse Supervisor 907-228-5480
Jodi Goffinet Warehouse/General Laborer 907-228-5488
Brad Cota Outside Plant Foreman 907-228-5408
Jared Anderson Line Crew Foreman 907-228-5456
Vacant Vacant Combination Technician 907-228-5491
Alan Medlin Combination Technician 907-228-5491
Patrick (Von) Danskin Combination Technician 907-228-5491
David (Harry) Follett Combination Technician 907-228-5491
Ryan Chapel Combination Technician 907-228-5491
Ryan John Combination Technician 907-228-5491
Jason Cain Cable Splicer 907-228-5491
Jon Duncan Cable Splicer 907-228-5491
Daniel White Network Operations & Engineering Manager907-228-5476
Aaron Schultz Telephone Engineer 907-228-5432
Jeff Dillard Server & System Engineer 907-228-5404
Vacant Server & System Engineer 907-228-5483
Jake Schultz Telephone Outside Plant Engineer 907-228-5465
Jeff Hendrickson Central Office Foreman – Video 907-228-5443
Lee Caskey Central Office Network Technician 907-228-5437
Kenneth Edwards Central Office Network Technician – Special Circuits 907-228-5478
Nathan Lane Central Office Network Technician – Servers 907-228-5462
Rob Martinez Central Office Netwok Technician – Voice 907-228-5415
Justin Benner Central Office Network Technician – Plant & LTE 907-228-5401
Customer Support Main Line 907-225-2111
Robinson Cruz Customer Support Specialist – Lead 907-228-9688
Crystal Williams Customer Support Specialist 907-228-9685
Noel Velez Customer Support Specialist 907-228-9683
Sabrina Gartner Customer Support Specialist 907-228-9682
Vacant Media & Communications Manager 907-228-9106
Jason Baldwin IPTV / Content Specialist 907-228-5440
Eric Stone IPTV / Content Specialist 907-228-5414

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