Phone Systems

Call us at 907-228-5474 – and read below – to find out why virtually every major business and government agency in Ketchikan has selected KPU’s Hosted IP service. This urban -quality IP based service is installed and maintained by our highly skilled local technicians. Customized VOIP business phone systems feature a multitude of included features, such as custom call routing, time of day routing of calls, advanced voicemail, call forwarding, voice-mail to email options and more. Systems can be designed for only a few users or over a hundred. KPU can also link multiple offices across town into one “virtual” office.  KPU offers all of this for a surprisingly low monthly charge.

Why Choose KPU Hosted PBX/IP Phones?

  • One company for PBX systems and phone line services.
  • The system “lives” at KPU and is managed 24/7 by KPU-Trouble-free
  • No expensive upgrades or charges for different/new features or changes
  • No investment in a big system that will become obsolete.
  • Easy to add users to the system
  • Easy to move user offices; just unplug the phone and move
  • Ability to utilize a “tree” to route incoming calls
  • Flexible routing of calls to groups or individuals
  • Allows individuals to work from home or the road with the same feature set – take your office with you!
  • Flexible, customizable time-of-day and day-of-week call treatments
  • Significant savings due to limitation of taxes and surchargers
  • No limit on the number of lines in use like a traditional phone system. Never gave a busy line. All calls come through

Basic Line

  • 4 Digit Dialing
  • Intercom
  • Call ID
  • Used for fax and reception phones primarily



  • Authorization codes
  • Auto Attendant (Call Tree – can send calls anywhere)
  • Automated Call Distribution – press 1 for…, etc..
  • Call forward to cell phones, home phones, and other extensions
  • Call duration display 0 how long you’ve been on a call
  • Call intercept
  • Call logs – placed, missed, received – shows the last 50
  • Call parking 0 allows call pickup at any other IP phone
  • Call redial
  • Called ID
  • Date and Time Display
  • Directed call pick up (pick up other ringing phones)
  • Directory
  • Forward to voicemail (instead of forwarding to an extension)
  • Group call pick up (groups that can pick  up each others calls)
  • Hold hunt groups
  • Intercom to other IP phones
  • Music/recorded messages on hold
  • Mute (for conference calling or regular calls)
  • On Hook Dialing
  • Speed Dial
  • Time of day routing of calls 0 can change where main number rings based on the time of day
  • Transfer – to any phone, including cell phones and off-premise phones
  • Voice mail
  • Remote voicemail access – check voicemail from anywhere
  • Three way conferencing
  • Do not disturb – phone will not ring and go straight to voicemail



  • Find me if no answer
  • Meet me conference bridge – to set up future conference calls for up to 80 people
  • N-way conference – for individual conference calls up to 80 people
  • One touch transfer
  • Selective call block and forward
  • Urgent call
  • Web portal (web access to all features and voicemails)


Email us for a quote or call 907-228-5474.