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Main Number: 907-225-1000
Trouble/Help Desk: 907-225-2111
Customer Sales/Service: 907-228-5474

Kim SimpsonSales and Marketing Division Manager228-5458
Andrew BoltonBusiness Sales and Marketing Manager228-5405
Michelle O'BrienSales and Marketing Manager228-5486
Jacob SchwartzIPTV/Content Specialist228-5440
Mary HopsonKPU Customer Service Manager228-5416
Debbie CowanCredit Coordinator228-5417
Jennifer KnightenActing Billing System Analyst228-5409
Dusty ReeseCustomer Sales Rep III - Verizon Lead and Billing Back Up228-5472
Krysta RobinsonCustomer Sales Rep III -Credit and Electric Billing228-5427
May CaguaitCustomer Sales Rep II228-5482
Taylor MartinezCustomer Sales Rep II228-5489
Yelena RikovaCustomer Sales Rep II228-5470
Noel VelezCustomer Sales Rep II228-5419
Kayla WilliamsCustomer Sales Rep II228-5469
Open Customer Sales Rep II228-5495
Open Customer Sales Rep II228-TBD
Madeleine DuCoulombierCustomer Sales Rep I228-5463
Emily MeuselCustomer Sales Rep I228-5464