Business Internet Packages


Fast internet for your business

KPU high speed internet for business is symmetrical. This means you receive the same download and upload speeds. This saves time uploading large files to cloud storage or remote servers. When you subscribe to KPU’s 500M/500M package, you’ll have access to the area’s fastest symmetrical internet service.

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Business Internet Packages

Speed*Data (GB)PriceAvailability
Up to 30M/30M
74.95Fiber only
350M /350M
89.95Fiber only
650M/650M750129.95Fiber only
1GB/1GB1 Terrabyte199.95Fiber only
Unlimited DataUnlimited$30Add to any plan for unlimited (not applicable for hospitality or hotels)
All packages include 8 email addresses. Internet Service requires a phone line. Not all speeds available in all areas. * Speeds are “Up To”, and subject to our Acceptable Use Policy

Speeds listed above are on KPU’s fiber optics; certain areas have VDSL which is a maximum speed of 30M/5M.  Copper speeds are up to 10M/1.5M.

Your plan speed is the maximum speed expected to be achievable for that plan. Several factors can and will affect the actual speed you experience. These factors include, but are not limited to:

  • the capability of the device you’re using to access the Internet-older tablets and computers cannot perform at the higher speeds
  • the application and/or server/web site you are accessing-some sites and servers rate limit the speed that each individuals can download;
  • limitations of Wi-Fi and other equipment you may be using-many wireless routers cannot pass through 100M or higher speeds;
  • other active users and/or devices on your  network at the same time-many devices such as Apple TV and Fire TV download continually in the background, testing while people are using the internet does not give;
  • routers on the public Internet being over-loaded by high demand – particularly during peak hours of the day.

KPU’s 100M and higher internet speeds now exceed the capability of some networks and devices, please be aware that running speed tests from a single device will not give you accurate information, nor will speed tests done via WiFi.  Many speed test sites cannot support the higher speeds. If you feel there may be issues impairing your service, please contact technical support as they have the tools to identify any issues that may exist.

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