About Us

At KPU Telecommunications, we offer customers the best Internet, TV, and Phone service in the universe. We operate one of the most unique local telecommunications companies in the United States.

What makes KPU unique?


For starters, we’re Totally Local!  As a locally owned company — with local customer service, local management, local technicians, and a 7-day-a-week local help-desk — we are totally and only focused on serving YOU.


Located on an island in Southeast Alaska (approximately 700 miles north of Seattle, and 800 miles south of  Anchorage), the community of Ketchikan seems a long way from anywhere. Unless, of course, you are one of KPU’s customers!

Photo of Creek Street, showing a Wooden walkway over water. Houses on stilts stand in the background.



We operate one of the most robust fiber-to-home local networks in Alaska.  In fact, throughout most of the nation fiber-to-the-home is often only available in the most exclusive neighborhoods.  By contrast, in Ketchikan KPU has fiber in almost every neighborhood.  Better yet, our local fiber is connected to KPU’s undersea fiber cable all the way to the Lower ‘48. With KPU’s fiber service, you’ll be connected via fiber all the way to Seattle – which means world-class Internet and dazzling television service.


KPU offers unlimited (that’s right NO METERING!) service on symmetric Internet packages up to a Gig/Gig (1000Meg/1000 Meg). Gamers and businesses take note:  Only KPU offers huge up-load capabilities, ensuring seamless gaming and lightning fast file transfers.


We offer hundreds of High Definition and Standard Definition networks from around the nation and around the world.  Better yet, only KPU offers dozens of LOCAL award winning shows featuring  high school sports, interviews, event spotlights, cooking shows and features on local businesses, artists and other local interests. KPU also has many Seattle networks – never miss a Mariners or Seahawks game! If you’re reading this paragraph – well – now you know why KPU’s customer base has grown by over 100% in the past few years.  We simply lead the nation in offering an outstanding combination of national and local television programming.


10 years ago KPU rolled out ‘Hosted IP’ (a ‘cloud-based’ business telephone system) – way before the big guys figured out how to do it.  Today the majority of small, medium and large Ketchikan agencies and businesses are served by KPU’s Hosted IP system.  Call us and find out how to set your business up for success.  Of course, for business and for home, KPU offers excellent and competitive long distance packages, including unlimited.


KPU has a new outstanding LOCAL hosted-data center.  Regardless the size of your business-need, KPU offers rack-space and data-hosting in a controlled, conditioned, and 24×7 protected-power facility. As many local businesses have already determined, your business and data can and should be connected and protected via fiber-OWAN in KPU’s hosted-data center. KPU also offers enterprise level managed WiFi that protects you business from illegal downloads, allows segregation of your internet so that your POS system is not affected, and allows you to sell WiFi access to customers, earning you revenue. Hosted cameras allow quick location of incidents through targeted search features, and they can be accessed remotely.



Ketchikan docks with Deer Mountain in backdrop.